How to apply

2022 Spring Applications are OPEN NOW!


First and foremost, to be eligible to apply to this program, prospective students must have a great passion for esports and a desire to utilize esports to pursue a productive future. Considering the most common pathways for GEEA graduates are esports-relevant careers or collegiate tracks, it is imperative that students understand that they must commit to all coursework, both academic and esports-centered. The basic eligibility is as follows:

Primary GEEA Program: 12-18 years old GEEA PG Program: 18-19 years old

Schooling Requirement
Primary GEEA Program: graduate of elementary school 
GEEA PG Program: graduate of high school 

Game Title*
League of Legends 


*Currently, we are only accepting students who wish to become pro gamers/coaches or study abroad through esports (i.e. varsity esports) through League of Legends, Overwatch, and Valorant.

Additional Information
Once an application is submitted, an email will be sent requesting additional information and/or documents based on the track for which students are applying. For reference, the following are the tracks and required documentation:

1. Pro player or coach track

Three full-length VODs of the primary game for which students are applying 
Transcript of grades

2. Varsity esports track

Three full-length VODs of the primary game for which students are applying 
Transcript of grades

3. Academic track (Esports Industry Related)

Transcript of grades 

Although passion for esports is the fundamental requirement for this program, the admissions committee will also conduct a holistic review of applicants based on their character, ambition, and willingness to learn. Whether students are aspiring to be professional gamers or utilizing this program to study abroad, the likelihood of admissions will be dependent on the potential for candidates to maximize their time at GEEA. With an emphasis on potential for growth, the academy seeks to admit students who can thrive together as a community to elevate esports as a force for good.

Applications are open now! Please click “Apply Now” below to fill out an application form. Following the application submission, a follow-up email will be sent with instructions on any additional information and documents required for a complete application (see ‘Eligibility & Requirements’ and ‘Key Dates & Deadlines’).



Website goes live and application forms become available for the 2022 Spring Semester


Tier I application deadline


Deadline to submit required additional information for Tier I applicants


Level test, interview, and try-out period for Tier I applicants

Early December

Decision I: Notifications will be released for Tier I applicants* 


Tier II application deadline


Deadline to submit required additional information for Tier II applicants


Level test, interview, and try-out period for Tier II applicants

Late December

Decision II: Notifications will be released for Tier II applicants*


Rolling admissions for Tier III candidates 


Orientation for new students 


The start of the fall semester and first day of classes

*Students have two weeks from the day they get their acceptance letter to accept or reject their offers.


The application process for the Spring 2022 semester will be done in three tiers

The first tier will include all applicants who have applied TBD and before (and have submitted all required additional information by TBD ). 

From this pool, a select amount of applicants will be invited during a two-week period (TBD) to GEEA Building to undergo an English level test, personal interview, and a tryout to assess qualifications.

Finally, applicants will receive notifications by TBD that state whether they have been accepted, rejected, or deferred. All students who are deferred will once again be considered during the second tier process. 

The second tier will also undergo the same process as the first tier students, but acceptance will be more competitive based on the availability of remaining seats. 

The third tier will only be conducted if there are remaining seats on a rolling basis, meaning students will be considered case by case for acceptance. 


For any inquiries regarding the program or how to apply, please fill out the inquiry box with your question and information.

  • Info-sessions about the program will be held online and offline between Nov 2020 and Jan 2021.
  • Tours of the GEEA and Gen.G Esports Seoul HQ will be offered by invitation or request only. Schedule is TBD.
  • Please check our hompage pop-ups frequently to find Time & Date for the Info-Sessions. 


Currently, we envision three paths for graduates through our groundbreaking program:

1. Acceptance into an American university with an esports scholarship – With over 200 US colleges offering around $15 million (USD) annually in scholarships, our program will prepare students to be eligible for such opportunities.

2. Acceptance into a top ranking university through a unique narrative – For students that excel in academics, this program will provide a compelling, one-of-a-kind experience that will help them stand out amongst the applicant pool.

3. Offered a spot on the pro or junior teams at Gen.G Esports – Students that particularly excel in esports may be offered contracts with Gen.G to become professional esports players.
However, as this industry continues to rapidly grow, we truly believe the possibilities are endless. Ultimately, our hope through this program is to equip our students with the confidence to pursue and achieve their dreams.

Since we are utilizing a proprietary curriculum for the program, we cannot go into too much detail. However, the general schedule will be as follows: four hours in the morning will be spent on esports training, learning, and practicing, and then four hours in the afternoon will be spent on academic programs.

For the Fall 2019 Inaugural Semester, we are offering 25 spots for the academy, although this number may slightly be tweaked to optimize the program.

For the Fall 2019 Inaugural Semester, the esports portion will be held on one of the levels of Gen.G Esports Seoul HQ. The academic program will be held in Elite Academy’s facilities.

The program will be run in English. The teaching coaches and portions of the program will accommodate Korean as necessary, but since the students will receive a US-accredited certificate of graduation and the objective is for our students to become global representatives of esports, the primarily language will be English.

Congratulations on taking the first step! Our admissions staff will reach out within a few days to notify if you have qualified for the next step, which is try-outs.

Congratulations! This is a HUGE accomplishment! You now have a limited time to decide whether to accept the offer of being part of this program or not. Depending on the decision date you were accepted for, you have a deadline to respond by. Once you commit, you just have to enroll and that’s it – you will make history as one of the first students to join this revolutionary program!

First of all, do not feel bad. Since this is the inaugural semester, there is an extremely strict criteria and very limited spots. However, this program will continue to grow and start to accept more students and a wider variety of skill levels! We encourage you to apply again whether for the spring semester or the following year. We value your interest in the program and, if this is the right path for you, things will work out!

As long as you have passion for and talent in esports, we want you to apply for this program! For students that excel in other games (other than Overwatch and League of Legends), we will have you on file and contact you when we add your game.

Please contact us at! We want to add you to our contact list and send out more information when it becomes available. We’ll be ready when you are ready!

As long as you believe that you have talent and you are extremely passionate about esports, we would still like you to apply! Even if you do not get in for the inaugural semester, as our program continues to grow and expand, we will most likely be able to take in a wider range of skills!

Please still apply! Elite Academy’s accelerated program is top-notch and will help you reach an academic level that is satisfactory. As long as you are passionate about and talented in esports, we can work with your academics to help you graduate!

No problem! Please contact and our staff will reach out and get you connected to Elite Academy’s top-notch academic programs.

We would like to hear from you! Please contact and one of our staff will reach out and discuss a few options.