GEEA Education

Mission Statement

Our ambition is to create a home for students who are passionate about gaming and dream of utilizing their talents for a global purpose. Upon graduation, students will have refined their abilities in their respective games and obtained a high school diploma from a US-accredited institution. However, the program seeks to do so much more.

Gen.G’s dynamic and unique esports curriculum will serve to not only enhance the students’ skills through the careful guidance from our teaching coaches but also help develop diligence, focus, teamwork, leadership, time management, confidence, and more – all significant attributes for a successful future. The program will also employ rigorous academic instruction through Elite Open School’s digital curriculum and blended classrooms – utilizing a personalized and flexible education to provide in-depth, meaningful learning in English.

In Korea, the common mentality is that gaming is disruptive to productivity. However, the goal of our program is to bridge the divide between gaming and academia by developing robust student athletes that can represent our country as global esports talents. Our graduates will embody the union of passion and practicality, having gained the necessary tools to pursue productive futures.

Pathways for GEEA Graduates

Currently, we envision three paths for graduates through our groundbreaking program.

Acceptance into an American university with an esports scholarship

With over 200 US colleges offering around $15 million (USD) annually in scholarships, our program will prepare students to be eligible for such opportunities.

Acceptance into a top ranking university through a unique narrative

For students that excel in academics, this program will provide a compelling, one-of-a-kind experience that will help them stand out amongst the applicant pool.

Offered a spot on the pro or junior teams at Gen.G Esports or other professional teams.

Students that particularly excel in esports may be offered contracts with Gen.G to become professional esports playersor be connected with other professional teams through Gen.G’s network.
However, as this industry continues to rapidly grow, we truly believe the possibilities are endless. Ultimately, our hope through this program is to equip our students with the confidence to pursue and achieve their dreams.

Program Benefits

Students will receive a US-accredited education that is comparable to any international school and graduates from this program will receive a U.S. high-school diploma that will be acknowledged by any college or university. GEEA offers a flexible curriculum that prepares students comprehensively to become well-rounded student athletes. Gen.G’s proprietary esports curriculum will challenge students to not only elevate their skills in their respective game titles but also become better versions of themselves by developing discipline, diligence, focus, teamwork, leadership, time management, confidence, and more. It will also give the flexibility and adaptability to shift focus and expand as the industry continues to grow and evolve. Elite Open School’s digital curriculum and blended classrooms will provide rigorous academic instruction, utilizing personalized and flexible education to provide in-depth, meaningful learning instead of simple memorization of mostly impractical facts. For students that struggle with English, a unique and adaptive ESL program will provide accelerated learning that will maximize proficiency and minimize the time to master English.
Generally, US universities with strong esports programs are looking for candidates that have both a strong academic background and legitimate experience in competitive esports – this program will create student athletes that possess both. The academic program is in English to fully equip and prepare our students for opportunities abroad. The esports program affords one-of-a-kind opportunities for students to receive scholarships or admissions into top universities in the US by equipping them with the right credentials to meet the necessary criteria. As a whole, GEEA equips students to become the best of global esports talents. Also, fully included in the tuition are all the supplemental education (test-prep, electives, deeper learning through PBL, etc.) and all college-prep (college consulting, application consulting, etc.) from one of the leaders of this industry at no extra cost. Furthermore, the program is designed in a way to allowstudents the time to spend on other meaningful pursuits and experiences by offering a rigorous program that minimizes wasted time and maximizes productivity. More than anything, this program provides the opportunity for students who are passionate about and talented in gaming to pursue their dreams while still establishing the foundations for a productive and successful future.


Mon-Fri KST, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm