“Turning dreams of becoming a pro gamer, attending a top U.S. university, and becoming a leader in the esports industry into reality!” 

GenG Elite Esports International Academy

Inviting future leaders to the very first Esports International Academy in Seoul!

A global secondary education institute providing unique and exciting pathways for those who are passionate about esports. Powered by Gen.G Esports and Elite Education Group.

GEEA Vision Statement

“Inspire a new generation of gamers to reinvent the norm and aspire for more – to rise as student athletes and succeed as global leaders, role-models, and innovators.”

GenG Elite Esports Academy

Master English and Self-Motivated Study
Undergo Proprietary Training from Experienced Professionals
Receive a US-Accredited High School Diploma
Our students will receive expert esports instruction utilizing Gen.G’s proprietary curriculum to reach new levels of gameplay while having exclusive opportunities and access to the world of professional gaming. Simultaneously, students will engage in blended learning environments to complete a high school courses that includes all college preparatory learning such SAT and TOEFL. This way, students can pursue dreams of pro gaming, aspirations to study abroad, or ambitions to become a business leader – knowing that regardless of which pathway they choose, they will have bright prospects in a quickly growing industry.


Mon-Fri KST, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm